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2014 Bordeaux Primeur – Boom or Bust?

2014 Bordeaux Primeur – Boom or Bust?

The end of the Bordeaux Primeur system is nigh so everyone is predicting. It happens every year but it seems more serious in the run-up to the futures tasting starting week 30th March. (For the full Bordeaux primeur 2014 programme) Why is this? Perhaps it coincides with the first vintage in 37 years that Robert Paker will … Continue reading

Did You Know?

  • PRIMEURS 2012: 8-12 April OPEN DOOR ST EMILION: 4th and 5th May FETE DE FLEUVE: 24 May to 2nd June VINEXPO : 16-20 June (professional fair) UNION GRAND CRU: Amateur Tasting 18 May ST EMILION JAZZ 19 - 22 July
  • Why not plan a trip to Bordeaux in 2013? The best times are the Spring and early summer.

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