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2016 Bordeaux looking good

2016 Bordeaux looking good

The vines are parched that is for sure, particularly the younger ones whose roots dont yet go down that deep. After a very wet Spring, there has been no rain since and it has been seriously hot since mid July – constantly in the 30s. The nights however have stayed cool , which helps develop … Continue reading

Did You Know?

  • PRIMEURS 2012: 8-12 April OPEN DOOR ST EMILION: 4th and 5th May FETE DE FLEUVE: 24 May to 2nd June VINEXPO : 16-20 June (professional fair) UNION GRAND CRU: Amateur Tasting 18 May ST EMILION JAZZ 19 - 22 July
  • Why not plan a trip to Bordeaux in 2013? The best times are the Spring and early summer.

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