The Cost of Frost

It seems that the risk of frost has increased in recent years due to global warming, which does not just warm but makes the climate more erratic and temperatures more extreme (as we saw with temperatures the week before last at 28°C in Bordeaux and everyone at the beach followed by temperatures of down to … Continue reading The Cost of Frost


Whispering Wines – “What makes Bordeaux wine so special?”

In a world where it seems who talks loudest is most heard, I wanted to explore "What makes Bordeaux wine so special?" It was my old boss Peter Sichel's father, Allan, a few years ago, who I think best summed up for me what is remarkable about the region's wines (in a charming if somewhat … Continue reading Whispering Wines – “What makes Bordeaux wine so special?”

Bordeaux Book Sip by Sip by Nicolle Croft

a personal story over 30 years, wine guide to visiting what is important in the region and finding good value in this exceptional wine terroir. Gail Barnett Copyright Its been 30 years since I arrived on the quayside in Bordeaux city, weary from my travels in this funny tin can of a car (a 2CV) … Continue reading Bordeaux Book Sip by Sip by Nicolle Croft

Wine Tour with Kids…Wine not?

As a parent to a three year old, wine is an important part of my daily survival kit. I cannot say I always savour every nuance of taste (as a professional winetaster I do know the difference) but it is an important milestone to celebrate at the end of another frenetic day and serves as … Continue reading Wine Tour with Kids…Wine not?

Harvest Recap Bordeaux 2020

Many celebrated the 'gerbaude' end of harvest (in a restrained covid-aware way) the last week of September, so relieved that in this challenging year of adversity at least something has gone well - a full two weeks before the usual celebrations. Of course it is too early to say but the wines of 2020 are … Continue reading Harvest Recap Bordeaux 2020

A Sea of Wine Guides? launch of a new network to find the best

100% experts, 100% wine, 100% local I am pleased to announce the creation of new network of specialist wine guides which I am proud to be a part of: My Local Wine Guide! Passionate wine experts trained in wine or coming from a family of winemakers, local (or adopted) who know their 'territory' better than anyone … Continue reading A Sea of Wine Guides? launch of a new network to find the best

2020 Bordeaux – promises well

August holidays have been cut short as wine producers return to start the harvest of whites, rosé and cremants. Early Reds to start next week (start September - 2 weeks early). Curiously as with all vintages that end with a zero in Bordeaux - this vintage 2020 promises good things. It has been hot for … Continue reading 2020 Bordeaux – promises well

History and Science at Château Grand Corbin Despagne

Historically it was the robust oxen that  worked the dense blue clay soils in the vineyards here in the north western corner of St Emilion and over the border into Pomerol. Horses were too fragile for the job, explained François Despagne, who has run the family estate of Château Grand Corbin Despagne, St Emilion Grand … Continue reading History and Science at Château Grand Corbin Despagne

If I could choose anywhere I could make wine….

"From generation to generation for over 200 years, in what is the very centre of St Emilion, my family has cultivated these soils and tended our vines. Today it is my turn and I try to make a wine that comes from my heart. Having now my own young son, who represents the 10th generation, … Continue reading If I could choose anywhere I could make wine….

#Bordeaux2020 please give us a break

You think it sounds like fun to have your own vineyard and make your own wine! It seems that the weather conditons are getting more extreme (is this down to global warming?) here in Bordeaux at least and it is providing a continual headache for the winemakers here. Cabernet Franc If the problems caused by … Continue reading #Bordeaux2020 please give us a break