Changing Scene of Bordeaux Restaurants

Bordeaux is bursting with restaurants but you must book in advance to get into the popular ones. The scene is changing as Bordeaux is being infused with Parisians (only 2 hours from paris on the TGV train). Here are a mix of some of the traditional and newer ones from a local.


Fine Cuisine

Miles (dégustation only, modern fusion, small)
Côté Rue (not exactly centre ville but not far, was great value for upmarket and very very good, also modern)
Le Davoli (Italian traditional)
Chien de Pavlov – not as fancy as others here but up there and great location


Belle Campagne


Le Pavillion de Boulevard (traditional formal french)

Croc Loup (traditional french)


Centre Ville

Le Noailles (very traditional!)

La Brasserie Bordelaise

Le Plat à Oreilles

Le Bouchon Bordelaise

Chartrons – L’Air de Famille

L’Atelier de Franck (on the Quay)

If you are at the Gare St Jean

Le Cafè du Levant


Restaurant Osteria de Luigi (loved by Italians in Bordeaux)

Elio’s – Sardinian food



Bonheur du Palais

Fish & Seafood

Le Petit Commerce

La Cabane

Vegetarian and Vegetarian Friendly


Kitchen Garden


Tante Charlotte*


*also non-vegetarian


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