St Emilion – not so ‘classé’ anymore!

Tastings have begun for the new St Emilion classification system - results normally to be announced in September. But what is to become to the ill-fated Classification system that merits buildings more than wine? 2022 marks the 10 year mark for a new list of the 'best' châteaux in St Emilion today be compiled, bringing … Continue reading St Emilion – not so ‘classé’ anymore!

Simplifying St Emilion Wine Region

A little synopsis of St Emilion; facts and figures and an explanation of its confusing classification and different styles. The St Emilion appellation (5565 ha) lies on the Right Bank of the Dordogne River to the East of Bordeaux city (around 45 minutes drive) and is well worth visiting. Due to its predominantly clay soils, … Continue reading Simplifying St Emilion Wine Region