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2016 Bordeaux; Elegance & Precision

It has been the 2016 future’s week here in Bordeaux. The 2016 vintage is a great one. Overall the wines have body, rich ripe fruit, structure and freshness. There is some heterogenity depending on terroir’s ability to cope with the dry conditions. The best are already integrated, balanced with ripe fruit and freshness and elegant with … Continue reading

Bordeaux is Back

As the Future’s Week approaches here is some of the background of the recent campaigns to help understand where we are today regarding buying futures 2016. There is no doubt that the vintage is a very good if not great one, but the climate has changed and consumers are preferring to buy ready to drink … Continue reading

Bordeaux 2015: the other side of the fence

2015 is a delicious vintage across the board.  After tasting a range of wines from both banks you cannot say that one area or grape variety reigns supreme.There is wonderful freshness to the wines and the tannins are present but supple and smooth. The Right Bank Merlots are rich, concentrated and rounded. Over the Gironde … Continue reading

Primeurs 2014 Bordeaux comes to a close as 2015 gets going

With so far the flowering of 2015 Bordeaux taking place Under ideal conditions, the new vintage pronounces very well as the 2014 vintage primeur campaign comes to an end. Prices were up an 8% on average which with the weak euro made for some attractive offers in my opinion. But apparently the market expected more, … Continue reading

Bordeaux 2014 Primeur Press Update – clever properties sell out within hours due to reasonable pricing and weak euro

 Haut Brion and La Mission have just released prices this morning echoing the pattern set by Mouton, making the 2014 the lowest price since 2008. High scores will make it a hot potato! “Haut Brion and La Mission Haut Brion have released this morning at the ex-London price of £191.66 and £116.66 per bottle respectively. … Continue reading

Weak Euro saves Bordeaux 2014 Primeur Campaign

As the vines’ leaves power into action (and the first spraying is underway), we are beginning to see the small clusters of flowers which will become the grapes of the 2015 vintage, the first trickle of prices are coming through for the 2014 Bordeaux campaign. 2014 is undoubtedly a much better vintage than everything since … Continue reading

Summing up Bordeaux 2014 Primeur

The primeur week is over. No site of Bob but lots of fruity, fresh wines with supple tannins. Purity of fruit with amazing freshness that one could almost drink now. I have tasting wines en primeur for the last ten years and this is the first time I have felt this. Not sure that they … Continue reading

2014 Bordeaux Primeur – Boom or Bust?

The end of the Bordeaux Primeur system is nigh so everyone is predicting. It happens every year but it seems more serious in the run-up to the futures tasting starting week 30th March. (For the full Bordeaux primeur 2014 programme) Why is this? Perhaps it coincides with the first vintage in 37 years that Robert Paker will … Continue reading

Bordeaux 2014 Primeur Programme

  IN BORDEAUX Monday 23 March Dégustation Association de Grands Crus Classés de Saint-Emilion Lundi 23 mars pré-primeurs pour la Place de Bordeaux de 15 h à 20h au Palaiss de la Bourse à Bordeaux Contact et inscription : Virginie Larramona Friday 27th March Dégustation Listrac-Médoc Vendredi 27 mars 2015 de 11h à 15h … Continue reading

The Price Cycle: 2012 Bordeaux chooses to listen and prices come down

At this time of year usually it is ‘the waiting game’. The world wine press and buyers have been and gone. Tasted the baby wine scarcely 6 months of age and reported their findings (except Parker of course). Yet this year 2012 prices have started to come out early and are, so far, what was hoped and … Continue reading