Awesome Armagnac – just down the road

I love the earthy, fruity tones of armagnac particularly after a heavy meal here in Bordeaux. Yet we have all been north to Cognac and enjoyed its polished and smooth flavours and slick marketing but never thought to make the trip south to Armagnac, the most ancient brandy dating back some 700 years. I organise … Continue reading Awesome Armagnac – just down the road

Goats and Honey – Piemonte

Rocaverano - Robiola made naturally by Agnesi's sister in the mountains 45 minutes from Mombaruzzo. Abandoned beautiful hills with pasture and forests, far away from everywhere. The delicate fresh flavoured Robiola is often served with mostarda (fruit marmalade) in Piemonte. And honey, Monica our neighbour is a bee fanatic and has over 80 hives in … Continue reading Goats and Honey – Piemonte

Visiting Barolo – a day with my Sister

Leaving the kids tucked up in our little house in the woods ( near to Mombaruzzo famous for its sweet amaretti biscuits, we headed (a little late) towards the famous village of Barolo famous for its intriguing red wine (27 Oct 2016). 45 minutes south west towards Alba famous itself for its white truffles and … Continue reading Visiting Barolo – a day with my Sister

Tuscany Food & Wine Tasting at the Ateliers on the Quais in Bordeaux

Tuscan Food & Wine Tasting Wednesday 11th May Atelier de Dégustation, 22 Quai de Chartrons, Bordeaux (Cité Mondiale) Presented by Viviana Vechionne ( Wine 1 (white); IGT Malvasia di Toscana 2009 with « une cuillère gourmande with fennel and orange with breadsticks (rosemary, oregano, nuts) Pale golden colour, thick in the glass. At first a minerality … Continue reading Tuscany Food & Wine Tasting at the Ateliers on the Quais in Bordeaux

Open-Door in Jurancon

Up in the steep foot-hills of the Pyrennees on the Southern side of Pau is situated the vineyard of Jurancon (700 ha spread over 25 villages), famous since for its luscious sweet wines. I remember when I first started in the wine trade at the traditional wine merchants Lay & Wheeler in Colchester we used … Continue reading Open-Door in Jurancon