Corporate Wine Trip Experiences in Bordeaux

# Team building & incentive Every successful manager is trying to motivate his team with new and creative ideas. What best way to help a team come together or congratulate them, than a wine trip. Bordeaux offers an exceptional range of opportunities to discover or deepen peoples knowledge about wine. In one of the most … Continue reading Corporate Wine Trip Experiences in Bordeaux

The Lucky Grapes of 2021 Bordeaux Harvest

Wine producers are at least happy to have some grapes (the small quantity they had) in the vats after a disappointing harvest. The strong jammy aromas of blackcurrant and cherry waft around the wineries and we could almost be convinced it is a normal time of year. The crimson colour is being extracted from the … Continue reading The Lucky Grapes of 2021 Bordeaux Harvest

Bordeaux Wine 2020 in nutshell

Currently in Bordeaux we are tasting the baby vintage of 2020 from the barrel. The best are very good and these are not only from the classified growths. Some unfortunately fell into the old trap of extracting too much in a dry hot summer with thick skins and not much juice. What style is 2020? … Continue reading Bordeaux Wine 2020 in nutshell

Hooray – France opens its doors!

From June 9th France reopens its doors to all travellers who have been vaccinated against Covid. Restaurants will also be fully open - you just have to be home for 11pm! (curfew ends 19 June) This fun-loving, pleasure addict country will be back on its feet! We have missed you all! - link to French … Continue reading Hooray – France opens its doors!