The Lucky Grapes of 2021 Bordeaux Harvest

Wine producers are at least happy to have some grapes (the small quantity they had) in the vats after a disappointing harvest. The strong jammy aromas of blackcurrant and cherry waft around the wineries and we could almost be convinced it is a normal time of year. The crimson colour is being extracted from the … Continue reading The Lucky Grapes of 2021 Bordeaux Harvest

Hooray – France opens its doors!

From June 9th France reopens its doors to all travellers who have been vaccinated against Covid. Restaurants will also be fully open - you just have to be home for 11pm! (curfew ends 19 June) This fun-loving, pleasure addict country will be back on its feet! We have missed you all! - link to French … Continue reading Hooray – France opens its doors!

The Cost of Frost

It seems that the risk of frost has increased in recent years due to global warming, which does not just warm but makes the climate more erratic and temperatures more extreme (as we saw with temperatures the week before last at 28°C in Bordeaux and everyone at the beach followed by temperatures of down to … Continue reading The Cost of Frost