Who is Nicolle Croft? wine writer, private food and wine guide – discovering the real Bordeaux

30 years experience in Bordeaux loving the world of wine here and how dynamic it has become (documented in my wine guide book Bordeaux Sip by Sip)

“Appreciating wine is above all a personal experience. It is made out to be complicated. In fact it is very simple. Wine is about what you like. We can no longer afford to drink the Cru Classé. There are a host of wonderful, affordable wines made in the same way as these wines by passionate producers who have stained hands and soil on their shoes. S.I.P. wines from Small Independent Producers.This is where the real Bordeaux lies. Come and feel it, taste it before it disappears for good.”

Come to Bordeaux even over a weekend for a wine experience that may change the way you think about this fascinating subject. Of course we can visit the odd top châteaux in the world too! Whatever by the end of our time together you will have a clear idea what makes Bordeaux special.”

Contact me for more information: nicolle@sip-wines.com

Nicolle Croft Bio

  • A plain-speaking wine communicator and St Emilion wine-maker living in the vineyards near Bordeaux
  • Food & Wine guiding through the Vineyards of Bordeaux private tailor-made tours
  • With 30 years experience in the wine trade both in England (Lay & Wheeler, Berry Bros. & Rudd) and Bordeaux (Maison Sichel, François Lurton, CIVB)
Arrived in 2CV from England onto the Quai de Bacalan at Maison Sichel 30 years ago
  • Author of “Winetasting”, a step-by-step guide of how to taste wines translated into eight languages
  • Creator of the Wine School for the wine merchants to the Royal Family, Berry Bros & Rudd – Piccadilly, London
  • Co-founder of www.wine-searcher.com the world’s largest wine search engine.
  • Merit DUAD Tasting Diploma from Bordeaux University Faculty of Oenology, Bordeaux.
  • WSET Diploma and teacher of WSET professional tasting exams at VATEL hotel restaurant institute
  • Teacher at CIVB Bordeaux Ecole du Vin
  • Honorary member of the Comanderie de Bontemps (Médoc, Graves, Sauternes) Connetable de Guyenne Côtes de Bourg
  • Partner to Winemaker Franck Moureau of up-and-coming château, Béard La Chapelle, St Emilion Grand Cru
  • Author Bordeaux Sip by Sip wine guide of 30 years of wine stories
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10 thoughts on “Who is Nicolle Croft? wine writer, private food and wine guide – discovering the real Bordeaux


  2. Dear Mr Croft

    I read your views on the 2008 Bordeaux vintage. May I ask if you have an update? From what I have seen it appears all down to August after a pretty ropey start to the Summer. The weather forecast seems hardly inspiring to say the least! Are we in for a poor 2008 vintage? Do I take it that all hopes of a great vintage are well and truly dashed? Personally I just keep on buying more 2005s but I have some great 2006s too and I only went for on 2007 – Carruades de Lafte – should have gone for three cases of that one! Any views/updates would be really appreciated!

    Many thanks!



  3. Hello,

    Very interested with your website…

    I will be very pleased to meet you in Bordeaux if you accept ; I would like to present myself and Rendez vous au Chateau.

    Our activities are close each other, and somewhere we can find some additionnals points.

    I wish you will forgive my bad english,

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Frederic Borliachon, wine tour chauffeur in Bordeaux

  4. Hello Nicolle,

    David Eley suggested that I drop you a line. I’m a freelance writer and consultant in London.

    Hope to meet you in Bordeaux (or London) soon.

    Best wishes for the New Year

    Stuart George

  5. Hi Nicolle-we are passing very close to you at the end of this week and wondered if you’re around? Paul F et famille!

    1. Hi Paul, sorry not to have seen your message in time. Hope all is well. Will let Nick know you have been in touch, all the best, Nicolle

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