Top 8 Wine Restaurants in St Emilion

St Emilion has become the best place in Bordeaux to find excellent food in stunning settings. These are my favorites;

1. La Terrasse Rouge at Chateau La Dominique (excellent brasserie style) a modern terrasse overlooking Chateau Cheval Blanc and Pomerol (run by the fab la Brasserie Bordelaise team from central Bordeaux)

March 2014 037

Chateau La Dominique's La Terrasse Rouge (also an excellent brasserie restaurant
Chateau La Dominique’s La Terrasse Rouge (also an excellent brasserie restaurant

2. Les Belles Perdrix at Chateau Troplong Mondot has a beautiful terrasse with lovely views on one of the higest points of St Emilion and excellent fine cuisine


3. Simpler, beautiful presentation,  lighter dishes at L’Atelier de Candale in a little wine château in a secluded valley just outside of St Emilon overlooking the vineyards


4. In the medieval village of St Emilion itself wine institution  L’Envers de Décor

5. down in a limestone ‘grotte’ Lard et Bouchon in St Emilion’s main street

lard bouchon st emilion

6. For FINE Dining the 1 star Michelin Hostellerie de Plaisance with the best views over the rooftops

7. For FINE Dining with best view over the Dordogne River 10 minutes outside of St Emilion Auberge de St Jean, Blaignac – one star Michelin

8. Huitrier Pie in lower part of St Emilion as you walk up to the monolithic church


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