Natural Defence at Château Climens using their own herbal medicine

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Dynamic Climens uses organic herbal teas to control disease and help the vine find its own balance and self defence. Since 2010 Château Climens, Premier Grand Cru Classé Sauternes grows its Semillon grapes 100% biodynamically spearheaded by owner Bérénice Lurton  and Technical Director Frederic Nivelle. A more holistic approach to disease control rather than preventative. The most famous classified growth to be biodynamic is the 80 hectare Château Pontet Canet at Pauillac run by Jean-Michel Comme. This is a wonderful success story and on a relatively big scale. It is Jean-Michel’s wife, Corinne who is in charge of the managing of the biodynamy at the 30 hectare Climens (the couple have their own, biodynamic since 2007, property Château du Champ de Treilles near to Ste Foy de Grande).

Château Climens is one of the most famous and popular Barsac wines (not far from Coutet or Doisy Daene) with incredible freshness and vivacity due to it limestone soils (coming from fossilised sea-shells originatingfrom when the area formed the base of a tropical sea some 40 million years ago). The vineyard is made up very  unusually of 100% Sémillon vines. The 30 hectare estate  is owned and run by the Lurton famly since 1971 (Bérénice since 1992) and produces 3000 cases per year.

ch climens label

Here are some of the plant extracts that are used and what for;

Horsetail (Prêle): stimulates the natural defences of the plant. Preventative effect on Mildew.

Nettle (Ortie): Rich in iron. Moderate preventative effect on Mildew.

Juniper Berries (Genivievre): Helps ripening.

Marigold (Soucis): helps sooth shock such as in a changeable spring

Willow tree (Osier): can unblock sap blocked by the cold. Preventative effect on Mildew.

Milfoil (Achillée Millefeuille): catalyser, helps the vine to pass to another step of its development

Bramble  – young shoots and flowers (Ronce): helps with the pollination of the flower. Helps the development of the young vine

Camomille (Camomille) – calming and reassuring helps lack and excess water

Cypress (Cypres)- fights against grape worm and wood diseases

Bay leaf, Rosemary, Thyme and Dill (Laurier, Romarin, Thym, Fenoul) – promotes plant’s own immunity, fights against grape worms and wood diseases

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