Top 8 Wine Restaurants in St Emilion

St Emilion has become the best place in Bordeaux to find excellent food in stunning settings. These are my favorites; 1. La Terrasse Rouge at Chateau La Dominique (excellent brasserie style) a modern terrasse overlooking Chateau Cheval Blanc and Pomerol (run by the fab la Brasserie Bordelaise team from central Bordeaux) 2. Les Belles Perdrix … Continue reading Top 8 Wine Restaurants in St Emilion

10 Top SIP Tips when…visiting the Bordeaux Wine Region

SIP WINE BLOG - Bordeaux plus

The beautiful city of Bordeaux with its tall 18th century limestone buildings, wide streets and attractive river-front is undisputably the world’s wine capital. It is the heart of the largest wine region in France (produces one quarter of all wine in France) and stretches over 110,000 hectares. In the past this wine region of 8000 châteaux has been criticised as being closed and unwelcoming. Things have certainly changed and the stiff châteaux doors are wide open offering a wealth of options ‘autour du vin’; cooking lessons, tasting old vintages, wine and cheese and blending your own wine. More than 3 million tourists each year visit Bordeaux and its region. With such choice available of what to see and do, it can be a little daunting. Here are some tips from a resident wine lover guide to make the most of your visit.


When Best to Visit?

Temperatures start warming up at the beginning of April…

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Lost in France -My Baby Dreamhouse in the vineyards of St Emilion in Grey May!

In all of the wine regions I have ever visited in over 25 years, I have never seen such an idyllic setting hidden in the vineyards and it can be found in one of St Emilion's most up-and-coming wine château, Troplong Mondot. Despite the grey May weather (average temperature in May has been 10°C lower than … Continue reading Lost in France -My Baby Dreamhouse in the vineyards of St Emilion in Grey May!