Corporate Wine Trip Experiences in Bordeaux

# Team building & incentive

Every successful manager is trying to motivate his team with new and creative ideas. What best way to help a team come together or congratulate them, than a wine trip. Bordeaux offers an exceptional range of opportunities to discover or deepen peoples knowledge about wine. In one of the most iconic setting of vineyards we offer a range of experiences to help your team members relax, learn and have fun so they can be completely open to new impulses.

From week-end break (Friday evening to Sunday late afternoon) to a working week trip including dedicated areas and time for meetings, we are happy to tailor-made the unique experience you need ! Everything but the journey to Bordeaux will be included so you can focus on your team building experience.

# Unique Experience

Many international companies are competing to offer their customers with the best experience within their business and that can lead to offering exclusive luxury experience such as a wine trip. We are the right people that can help design the tailor-made experience that suits your high end expectations and those of your exclusive customers.

From dedicated and meaningful visits in the most exclusive vineyards to go like clockwork planning, we will assist with our highly skilled fluent local guide who have an extra spark.

From exclusive lunch or wine dinners to private tastings involving senior representatives of each vineyards we will assist you on making sure the experience we will create specially for your clients is the one they will never forget and wish all their friends can one day enjoy!

Professional Business Trips

Whether you are a wine business professional or are trying to build your business in connection, we can help you set up the best wine business trips in the Bordeaux area.

You don’t have time to put up the right program of visits but know exactly what you wish for : let us do the job!

You can’t attend all visits but need professional skilled people to assist: let us do the job!

You need extra help to create a unique experience for VIP but don’t have either time or staff, or both: let us do the job!

We can create tailor-made program for you to review and assist with part or all of the supervision.

Contact us for more information and your tailor made few days in Bordeaux and enjoy a fine wine experience.

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