Bordeaux 2019 – yes she gets to go to the ball – virtually

Following the cancellation of the annual futures tastings in the first week of April, the Union de Grand Cru have organised a series of tastings around the world for trade where the wine can be tasted but the producers will not be present. So here are their UGC info

and châteaux 2019 presentations (good synopsis by Christian Seely at Pichon Baron).

Samples of this baby wine (still being nursed and ageing gently in the Bordeaux cellars for another year yet) have been sent around the world to be judged by buyers and journalists alike. Prices are coming out mostly around 20 to 30% down on 2018, Decanter article with releases

From what I have tasted and understood from following the whole year, it is a ‘harmonious wine, silky, ripe, but lacking the tension of the excellent years here like 2016 or 2010’. 2018 is superior and prices coming out reflect this so far….

Strange times and perhaps this archaic way of selling wine (which works) is due for a rehaul (as James Molesworth of Wine Spectator suggested recently…..

For article with more information on 2019

Harvest 2019

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