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Biodynamics in the shade of a big Elm Tree in Castillon

It’s a very wet spring and early summer for the 2018 vintage and the mildew that everyone is suffering from is even heavier in properties that are biodynamic with their only defence copper and sulphate (allowed as they are ‘natural’ but in tiny doses) and infusions of nettle and Horsetail. Cellar master/vineyard manager Nicolas Cosse … Continue reading

Delivery Direct from the Vineyards of Bordeaux

SIP WINE CLUB Small Independent Producers Direct from them to you Here are four unknown wine discoveries that are totally SIP. Made uniquely by passionate producers from their own small independent family properties. Delivered direct to your doorstep cutting out any middle men. Authentic wines with their own particular story, the true wines of Bordeaux … Continue reading

Finding Bordeaux wines that don’t break the bank – my top choices

* Bordeaux is the home of some of the world’s most expensive wines. There are only 200 of these classified wines in Bordeaux out of 8000. They are in high demand and their prices have gone up 5 times in 5 years. We seem to have lost sense of reality. If you know where to … Continue reading

The Secret Side of St Emilion

Discovering the Real St Emilion – the Secret ‘in-side’ of a wine village By Nicolle Croft (first published in the Gilbert & Gaillard International Magazine) St Emilion is probably one of the most well-known wines in the world. Registered by UNESCO since 1999 as one of the World’s heritage sites, the medieval village which lies … Continue reading

Lost in London – France’s Small Independent Wine Producers

The UK market is saturated with wine, surprising really with the second-highest duty in the EU (behind Ireland) at £1.90 per bottle (an increase of 46% in the last 4 years). Add VAT and it totals £2.40 per bottle. It is a very difficult market to enter, particularly if you are a small producer on your own. The smaller independent … Continue reading

Winemaker Profile : Oriane Mazeau

A young woman’s challenges to juggle the commercial and practical running of a 76 hectare wine estate in the Entre Deux Mers New website First published Gilbert & Gaillard International Magazine The day starts early for Oriane Mazeau, young wine producer at the 76 hectare Château Toutigeac in Bordeaux’s Entre-Deux Mers . First job … Continue reading

Jean-Claude Berrouet, Master Winemaker at Chateau Petrus

Jean-Claude Berrouet has recently retired from making wine for Moueix after forty four vintages – having been responsable for Petrus, Madelaine and Trotanoy amongst other Right Bank stars. He spent an afternoon talking to us on how he sees nature’s role in making fine wines – as he confessed ‘ Je suis un amoureux de … Continue reading