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Where best to buy wine when touring Bordeaux?

Bordeaux is not California or anywhere else in the wine world where cheapest prices are found at source. In Bordeaux the châteaux do not sell their wine around the world, they sell it on exclusively to a specialised wine merchants based in the city of Bordeaux (négociants) who do all of their commercial work for … Continue reading

2016; what makes a great Bordeaux vintage

As the futures week approaches in Bordeaux we cast our minds back to last year 2016, its climatic pattern and the deep red wine already in barrel about to be judged for the rest of its life. *very wet Spring which filled water tables to the brim *successful flowering period across the varieties although slow … Continue reading

Bordeaux 2015: the other side of the fence

2015 is a delicious vintage across the board.  After tasting a range of wines from both banks you cannot say that one area or grape variety reigns supreme.There is wonderful freshness to the wines and the tannins are present but supple and smooth. The Right Bank Merlots are rich, concentrated and rounded. Over the Gironde … Continue reading

Bordeaux 2014 Primeur Programme

  IN BORDEAUX Monday 23 March Dégustation Association de Grands Crus Classés de Saint-Emilion Lundi 23 mars pré-primeurs pour la Place de Bordeaux de 15 h à 20h au Palaiss de la Bourse à Bordeaux Contact et inscription : Virginie Larramona Friday 27th March Dégustation Listrac-Médoc Vendredi 27 mars 2015 de 11h à 15h … Continue reading