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Bordeaux Biodynamic properties and those going that way …

Pesticide residues in wines have been in the news this year in Bordeaux. Here is a list of those wines with zero levels being biodynamic (optimising natural defence) and organic (only natural products).  More and more properties in Bordeaux are moving across (even more experimenting on plots) despite the difficult climate (wet and warm)  biodynamic … Continue reading

Join Climens (Grand Cru Classé, Barsac) through their 2016 Harvest

Here is the recount of this excellent sweet wine year of 2016 direct from Château Climens  itself, my favorite Barsac, 100% Sémillon and biodynamic! Can visit and taste too (20€pp), for tasting of 4 vintages (60€pp) or a food and wine partnered lunch (180€pp, 6 to 14 people Michelin restaurant Darroze).  #climens Spring 2016 : … Continue reading

Making sense in St Emilion at biodynamic Fonroque

It takes a person with vision and courage to decide to grow vines in the wet, warm climate of Bordeaux without using fungicide. Or perhaps even a little folly in the days when no-one had heard of biodynamics. Yet this is what Alain Moueix decided to do in 2002 after taking over the family vineyard. … Continue reading

Keeping it in the Family in St Emilion

For 400 years one of the oldest wine families in St Emilion have managed to continue to make wine at their estate despite increasing pressures from all sides. Today it is the 13th and 14th generation of the David Beaulieu family that run the  12 hectare property of Château Coutet St Emilion Grand Cru  located on the … Continue reading

Esca the 21st Century Phylloxera that is killing France’s vines

Esca (and similar fatal wood diseases) is said to be affecting already at least 12% of France’s vineyards in the Mediterranean, the Loire and across the South West of France including Bordeaux, Armagnac and Cognac. Also found in California as Black Measles. It particularly affects the Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties. It is … Continue reading

Biodynamic Pontet Canet out on a limb – Comme ‘the wine has only one jury and that is the consumers’

There is a quote I like about being like a tree. It reminds me of the biodynamic wine producer Pontet Canet in Pauillac and their philosophy on making wine which seems to be ‘ruffling feathers’ in the world of wine. Go out on a Limb – They are going it alone, ‘out on a limb’ to … Continue reading

Natural Defence at Château Climens using their own herbal medicine

Dynamic Climens uses organic herbal teas to control disease and help the vine find its own balance and self defence. Since 2010 Château Climens, Premier Grand Cru Classé Sauternes grows its Semillon grapes 100% biodynamically spearheaded by owner Bérénice Lurton  and Technical Director Frederic Nivelle. A more holistic approach to disease control rather than preventative. The most famous … Continue reading