The ‘running off’ of Bordeaux 2013 – the ‘écoulage’ of the region’s reds

It is the time for the baby wines (vin de goutte) of 2013 to be run off from the skins and pips after from 30 to 35 days from the beginning of the ‘encuvage’ at the time of harvest, any cold soak, fermentation and after, the post maceration fermentation. Then the wine either goes into barrel or vat for its malolactic fermentation ( heated to around 20°C to get it going). Apparently Mouton has already finished its malo! No hanging around this year.

photo (82)

The skins and pips are pressed to produce the ‘vin de presse’, part of which is incorporated later at the time of the blending.

photo (84) photo (83)

Gomette, the keen Cellar Master's Assistant
Gomette, the keen Cellar Master’s Assistant

Here at Beausejour Becot on the plateau of St Emilion, harvest started on 7th October and finished ten days later. The ‘cuvaison’ this year has been 35 days as normal. Willie the winemaker with Gomette, his eager assistant.

Foggy November morning in St Emilion
Foggy November morning in St Emilion

Despite still having its malic acid, the wines seem to full of black fruits, fruity and quite supple. The trick this year was to not over-extract.

photo (87)


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