Bordeaux 2013 Vintage late starter

The good news is the flowers will be blooming at the time of the Fête de la Fleur (big party at Château Lagrange invites only!) which is due to take place Thursday June 20, as is custom, as the world’s biggest professional wine fair, Vinexpo, comes to an end. Normally the flowers have been and gone by then.

photo (13)

The weather has been unseasonably cold over the past month, more autumnal than spring-like with a lot of rain.

Flowering is one week behind last year which means harvest will be late by one week. Last year many started on October 1st, so this harvest will start around 8th October. The later, the more risk of rain and rot in this oceanic, variable climate.

The key thing is that there is no rain during the flowering. It is falling today but forecast to stop for the weekend. Rain causes the flowering period to spread out causing eventual uneven ripening even on the same vine. Not good for quality. Heavy rainfall can cause ‘coulure’ when the little green berries fall to the ground and yield is reduced.

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