Wines delivered direct to your door from the SIP (Small Independent Producer)

If you know where to look, Bordeaux is the home to many great value wines, despite being better known for some of the most expensive in the world. Some of these properties lie just on the ‘wrong side of the boundary’. With 25 years in the Bordeaux region I have come across such treasures.

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Hence the SIP Wine Club  –  wines direct from the SIP winemaker  Small Independent Producer, yes the ones with soil on their shoes,  properties that are family-owned and run for generations but often unknown and that sometimes do not get out of France. There are fewer and fewer such producers making authentic wines.

There will be mixed case offers (three bottles of four different wines) of these special SIP wines to be delivered (FREE in Northern Europe*) to your door direct from the winemaker. Accompanied by detailed tasting notes including the story of the winemaker and how best to serve with food suggestions to get the most out of the wine.

The SIP wine portfolio is mostly red and includes on the Left Bank wonderful wines from near to Margaux and St Julien (but called Haut Medoc as just on the wrong side of the appellation), Listrac, Moulis and on the Right Bank St Emilion and Fronsac. (Also an amazing dry white from old semillon vines and a Sauternes with plots next to Yquem!)

Direct Delivery – cutting out the middle men The future for these small producers is selling direct to the wine consumer cutting out the various middle-men to keep prices down and supply chains short. The post office in the Aquitaine region has set up a new system of delivery around the world called Chronoviti which is facilitating this process.

Communicating with the customer throughout the year via the Newsletter and other social media keeping you informed from the vineyards and participating in the ups and downs of the vintage.

Old Cabernet Franc grapes from our vineyard plot Tauzina
Old Cabernet Franc grapes from our vineyard plot Tauzina

Franck Moureau is the owner/winemaker  at Château Béard La Chapelle, St Emilion Grand Cru. He represents the 9th generaton of his family to make wine here. He is a good example of a SIP! making an authentic and great value wine for its quality. Franck has received a Gold Medal from Gilbert & Gaillard and has been recognised as one of the 20 Grand Cru by the most famous wine journalists, Bettane & Dessauve, ‘that are tapping at the door’ of the classification to be Grand Cru Classé. Here is an article from my blog with some extra details about the wine and winemaker!


Château Béard la Chapelle, St Emilion Grand Cru
Château Béard la Chapelle, St Emilion Grand Cru

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