Cruel Summer 2019 – Red Bordeaux

As the the Banarama girls said, 'its been a cruel summer...' with some really hot spells up to 40°C (like 1990 and 2003) heatwave in June and July but overall they were shortlived and the vines did not seem to suffer too much (even the young ones that dont have the deep roots). Soon this … Continue reading Cruel Summer 2019 – Red Bordeaux

2019 Bordeaux Summer Heat Wave

  To deleaf or not is the question this year in Bordeaux. There is a lot of vegetation yet the risk of scorch with the exceptionally hot temperatures has been high. In Bordeaux luckily mostly the leaves have been left on the vines so far and act like an umbrella covering the pea sized grapes … Continue reading 2019 Bordeaux Summer Heat Wave