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A Secret St Emilion Grand Cru: A perfect SIP!

Franck Moureau represents the ninth generation of the same family to make wine at Château Béard La Chapelle, St Emilion Grand Cru located in a little valley just outside of the famous village of St Emilion. He is a perfect example of a SIP, a Small, Independent Producer ( A great location but as the … Continue reading

The Secret Side of St Emilion

Discovering the Real St Emilion – the Secret ‘in-side’ of a wine village By Nicolle Croft (first published in the Gilbert & Gaillard International Magazine) St Emilion is probably one of the most well-known wines in the world. Registered by UNESCO since 1999 as one of the World’s heritage sites, the medieval village which lies … Continue reading

Lost in London – France’s Small Independent Wine Producers

The UK market is saturated with wine, surprising really with the second-highest duty in the EU (behind Ireland) at £1.90 per bottle (an increase of 46% in the last 4 years). Add VAT and it totals £2.40 per bottle. It is a very difficult market to enter, particularly if you are a small producer on your own. The smaller independent … Continue reading

Bordeaux Harvest 2011 in the vats; a good year for good vignerons but no hat-trick

2011 is going to be a good year for producers who have been diligent through the year and reactive during harvest. It will not be another 2009 and 2010 but closer to 2006 in quality. Some producers express relief saying that the market could not withstand another “exceptional” year with “exceptional” prices. The grapes have … Continue reading

A Wake-up Call for the Petits Châteaux of Bordeaux

You will certainly not have heard of Château Béard La Chapelle, Grand Cru St Emilion despite the fact that it has been in the same family for nine generations passing from father to son over the years and that is located just outside of the world renowned medieval village of St Emilion. Part of the … Continue reading

News from the vats: Bordeaux 2008

The rains have arrived in Bordeaux and luckily all the grapes have been picked, squashed, fermented and now the wine is undergoing its post fermentation maceration period. The fermentation lasts around a week on average and then the wine is left on its skins for approximately another two weeks. For each vat the density of … Continue reading