2016 Bordeaux looking good

The spring and early summer was cold and wet (filling the water table to the top!). The summer since mid July has been exceptionally hot and dry! The vines are parched that is for sure, particularly the younger ones whose roots don't yet go down that deep. After a very wet Spring, (there has been no … Continue reading 2016 Bordeaux looking good

Going Organic! Margaux Durfort Vivens follows Pontet Canet, Guiraud, Climens, Fonroque

Gonzague Lurton explains his decision to transfer his second growth Margaux property, Durfort Vivens into 100% organic production by harvest of 2013. He started the process in 2009 on only 20% of production and has seen some interesting changes such as thicker foilage http://www.thedrinksbusiness.com/2012/11/durfort-vivens-to-become-100-biodynamic/