Bordeaux’s Architect Wines

The red terrace of Jean Nouvel at Château La Dominique shines brightly in the Spring sunshine, diverting the eye from the giant curved  lips of Cheval Blanc's modern winery next door. This week I visited the giant new cellars of Montrose owned by the Bouyges brothers. Last week it was Pavie's marble morselium. Margaux is in … Continue reading Bordeaux’s Architect Wines


1989 Bordeaux vintage; arrival in Bordeaux in 2CV

It was around lunchtime when I finally arrived in Bordeaux in my English Charleston 2CV (black and Bordeaux colouring of course) onto the Quai de Bacalan. It was 21st August 1989. It was hot and there was not a soul to be seen. Little did I know that it was the hottest summer since 1949 and that the harvest … Continue reading 1989 Bordeaux vintage; arrival in Bordeaux in 2CV