Brief Rain Relief in Bordeaux

After three months of no rain, we have had two days of non-stop rain (8th and 9th August). The vines needed particularly the Younger vines whose root systems do not go too far down. Veraison has finished (chaging of the colour) but No 'arret de croissance' yet (when the vine stops growing leaves and switches to … Continue reading Brief Rain Relief in Bordeaux

Last few weeks before harvest 2008 in Bordeaux

The sun is shining in Bordeaux with temperatures about 22 degrees C in the middle of the day and everyone is smiling. This sunshine has lasted for a week or so now. The mornings are cold (about 10 degrees) but the days soon warm up and the grapes are basking in the delicious Autumn sun. … Continue reading Last few weeks before harvest 2008 in Bordeaux

2008 Bordeaux pre and flowering

At last the sun is shining in Bordeaux after a very wet spring. The vines are about two weeks behind normal with the lack of sun and wet conditions but so far the infant light green leaves are healthy and growing.  Lot of greenery and vegetation which will be trimmed back in time during 'le rognage'.  Most … Continue reading 2008 Bordeaux pre and flowering

Parker agrees with Lady Penelope

This en primeur game is quite a laugh- thunderbirds! Parker was  not too complimentary about the 2007 vintage but said it was better than what he expected and only awarded 100 points to two wines, both white and both my favorites agreeing that the whites were the overall winers this year; Haut Brion Blanc and Pape-Clement … Continue reading Parker agrees with Lady Penelope

Are you a Robert or a Jancis?

It is scientifically proven that we all taste differently. The appreciation of wine is subjective. How can one person describe a wine for another? They don't. All a wine critic can do is describe what they taste, what their olfactory system is telling them. This differs depending on their sex, age, culture, diet, time of … Continue reading Are you a Robert or a Jancis?