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Phenomenal Wine Woman

This last year which ever ‘chai’ (above ground barrel cellar in Bordeaux) I visited, there were woman everywhere busy at work racking wine from one barrel to another, moving barrels to clean them, taking samples from vats, pumping over wine from the bottom of the vat to the top. The usual cellar work you may … Continue reading

2016 Bordeaux getting nearer

At last we had some rain in Bordeaux. 20mm fell on evening 13th September in a grand storm where 20mm of water fell onto parched vines. It rattled windows and tripped electricity but fortunately no hail fell as predicted. A huge sigh of relief for wine makers here and a deep sleep followed. It just … Continue reading

Weak Euro saves Bordeaux 2014 Primeur Campaign

As the vines’ leaves power into action (and the first spraying is underway), we are beginning to see the small clusters of flowers which will become the grapes of the 2015 vintage, the first trickle of prices are coming through for the 2014 Bordeaux campaign. 2014 is undoubtedly a much better vintage than everything since … Continue reading

Bordeaux Yearly Climate (before 2000!)

Climate   data for Bordeaux-Mérignac (1971–2000) Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year Record   high °C (°F) 20.2 (68.4) 26.2 (79.2) 29.8 (85.6) 31.1 (88) 35.4 (95.7) 40.0 (104) 39.2 (102.6) 41.9 (107.4) 37.6 (99.7) 32.2 (90) 25.1 (77.2) 22.5 (72.5) 41.9 (107.4) Average   high °C … Continue reading