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Bordeaux 2015: the other side of the fence

2015 is a delicious vintage across the board.  After tasting a range of wines from both banks you cannot say that one area or grape variety reigns supreme.There is wonderful freshness to the wines and the tannins are present but supple and smooth. The Right Bank Merlots are rich, concentrated and rounded. Over the Gironde … Continue reading

2015 Bordeaux Futures; Getting to Know you

As the futures week approaches in Bordeaux (always the first week April whenever the harvest happens), I take a look at what my hunches are regarding this new vintage. At the end of much tasting we will have a clearer idea. Realistically tasting this baby wine so early even after all the tasting that will … Continue reading

Bordeaux 2015 – what can we say so far

  As the wines are being runoff their skins and starting the final step of turning into stable wine (malolactic fermentation is underway), we are beginning to see what 2015 has given us. The wine laden ‘marc’ of skins and pips is being shovelled out of the vats and pressed. Large piles of violet dried skins … Continue reading

Powerful Concentrated wines across the board in Bordeaux 2015

As Autumn sets in the Cabernets in the Medoc are finishing to be picked. The merlots on the limestone plateau of St Emilion at Beausejour Bécot only started this week and are some of the last to be picked in the region. Their Cabernet Francs will follow on. The conditions in 2015 have given an amazing … Continue reading

Bordeaux 2015 Red Healthy Harvest in the sunshine

Despite some rain in mid August and in September, the grapes are ripening beautifully and are very healthy, this quality has not been seen since 2010. Everyone is smiling, not really seen for some 5 years! Températures have dropped into the 20°s but most days have been sunny despite a cloudy showery few days mid September and the … Continue reading

2015 Bordeaux Caribbean Summer, Indian one to follow?

Temperatures are set to hit 36°C today as everyone prepares for ‘la rentrée’. The summer has been long, dry and hot with a break a week ago  with some rain. We are about two weeks in advance of a ‘normal’ year. The grapes are ripening with levels of sugar higher than normal at this point. Heavier bunches … Continue reading

2015 Vintage Bordeaux powers ahead in the sunshine

Successful flowering for all varieties in the dry sunny weather –  starting with the Merlot in Pomerol and the Graves around 25th May and finishing with the Cabernets just before brief heavy rains around 10th June. A short sharp flowering means that ripening (110 days from mid flowering) will be more uniform, great for quality. As the vine … Continue reading

Primeurs 2014 Bordeaux comes to a close as 2015 gets going

With so far the flowering of 2015 Bordeaux taking place Under ideal conditions, the new vintage pronounces very well as the 2014 vintage primeur campaign comes to an end. Prices were up an 8% on average which with the weak euro made for some attractive offers in my opinion. But apparently the market expected more, … Continue reading