2019 Bordeaux – will Cinderella get to go to the Ball?

So far 2019 did not get to go to the ball but has had to stay at home (like the rest of us) and wait her turn. The futures barrel sample tastings in Bordeaux that normally takes place this week  (first week of April) has been cancelled or hopefully postponed until another date. But which date (June? later it starts to interfere with the next vintage and holidays…) (Normally by now we would all have a black teeth and tongues). But nature continues and another vintage is ready to take her spot.

If there is not the hype, perhaps the futures system will no longer work. Perhaps a few more weeks in barrel will benefit the baby wine?

Last years en primeur tastings
Wine Merchants tasting the baby 2017 wines during the futures tastings in Bordeaux in 2018

I have asked a few winemakers around the Bordeaux region from the Right and Left bank to see what their views of their wine (no-one has been able to taste other wines and compare)….

2019 Bordeaux – let Cinderella go to the ball

What was your biggest challenge in the vineyards?

What was your biggest challenge in the chai?

How would you describe your wine?

How does it compare do you think to 2018? Will it be earlier drinking?

I will come back with their reactions.

Lets not forget 2019! There has not been a lot of talk about 2019 in these difficult conditions.

2017 we had the frost, 2018, there was lot of Mildew but the wines made were good and 2019 had to deal with Heat spikes but apart from that is a charming vintage with soft tannins and approachable.

To see my overall 2019 Update.

Phelan Segur 2019 short video

Assemblage : 56% de Cabernet Sauvignon, 42% de Merlot, 2% de Cabernet Franc, Alcool : 14,5%, pH : 3,8, AT : 3,1 g/L, IPT : 81

Listrac wine producer’s view on 2019 vintage – very ripe and fruity, rather like a Margaux style!

Harvesting at Château de Pressac, St Emilion Grand Cru Classé

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