Sip Private Wine Tours extends to Rioja and the Douro

  • private relaxed tours that privilege meeting the smaller winemakers and producers

In addition to Private Wine Tours in Bordeaux France and Piemonte, Italy, SIP Wine Tours now offers tours to Spain and Portugal.

Benjamin in the traditional stone lagar helping out some small producer friends during harvest in the Douro Valley, Portugal

Our new partner is Benjamin Vayssières (charming French guide whose family were owners and winemakers in St Emilion but also fluent in Spanish and Portuguese) has worked in the wine trade for a number of years including a famous barrel makers. He has a great network of Small Independent producers (SIPs) in these new wine regions which we are very excited to share with you. Being fluent in Portuguese he is also able to host SIP wine tours in Bordeaux for our visitors from Brazil.

Rioja (Spain) – always linked with Bordeaux (it was here that many Bordeaux producers tried to escape the phyloxerra pest taking their barrique oak barrels with them (it is only 4 hours direct over the Pyrenees Mountains – following the pilgrim’s way!). Today there are two schools of Rioja; the modern one with its jaw-dropping architecture and the older less oaky style. Of course we will be focussing on the fabulous Small Independant Producers (the SIPs) but we will contrast it with the modern too. We can even organise a couple of days in Bordeaux and a couple in Rioja (passing by San Sebastien’s pintxos and Michelin restaurants if you like! – as always everything is specially created to suit your wishes!

Ribera del Douro

Ribera Del Duero (Spain) – not far away (on the Duero River that goes on to become the Douro in the steep sloped valley to produce ports) in this rocky terrain the Tempranillo (here known as Tinto Nero) produces stronger styled wines that are high in alcohol and character! Home of iconic Pingus and Vega Sicilia.

Douro Valley (Portugal) – my favorite wine region, after Bordeaux of course, is this most stunning place. I am so happy to be able to extend our tours here too and for you to taste these wonderful still red wines from the schist in these remarkable vineyards that cling to the side of the hill. Cold nights and horizontal cracks where the water can seep into, keeps these intense wines fresh and enticing. There is a magic to this region with its blends of many ancient varieties (30 main ones! Tinta Roriz, Tinta Nacional, Tinta Barroca Cao, Touriga Franca) in such harsh conditions often. Share the camaradary of these friendly people.

Benjamin’s Biography and Philosophy:

 Benjamin, the founder of Terradovino, has Bordeaux origins. Originally from a family of winemakers, the family developed the vineyard « Clos de l’Oratoire » in Saint-Emilion which became « Grand cru classé » in 1969. This estate now belongs to Count Stephan von Neipperg. In recent years, Benjamin’s life has been defined by some trips locally and abroad, especially in Latin America. In 2008, during a study trip to Argentina, Benjamin re-discovered a particular interest for the world of wine. He decided to perfect himself in tasting and continues to discover new vineyards in France and in different countries around the world. Since then, he has acquired a solid professional experience in the business of wines and oak barrels for 7 years. His thirst for learning, his curiosity and his openness allows him to share his passion with like-minded people by providing discovery tours around Bordeaux’s vineyards. This proposal is aimed at all travel lovers, those who want to make new experiences, especially around the wines of Bordeaux and its recognized “terroir“ throughout the world. In his philosophy you could discover not only very famous Chateaux but also small producers and very small producers. That allows you to discover all kinds of culture and winemaking to understand some different identity as natural wines, organic wines and biodynamic wines. A new universe is waiting for you, come on!”


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