2017 Recap of value and pricing

Thoreau said “the price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it”. Well prices for 2017 seem to be about equal to ‘good’ vintages that have already matured in bottle and are closer to the exciting time when they are ‘ready to drink’ and you can pull the cork such as 2006 or 2008.

It is a much a smaller supply than usual due to the effect of devastating frosts in certain areas. In most estates some of the vineyards were affected in lower lying areas. It certain areas there has been uneven quality but not in the classifieds generally.

2017 is less expensive than the stars 2015 or 16 but more than 2014 or 2012 (According to Wine Lister, the average release price of the 2017s was only 6% below the current market price of the 2015s and 20% above the 2014s).

Due to is troubled image, it seems that the 2017 campaign has proved that 2017 has been too much of a gamble for most at these prices.



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