The New Line of Vegetarian Restaurants in Bordeaux

Thanks to a client Mark Mitchell from Burbank, California who recently spent a few days in Bordeaux to visit its vineyards and dine in its vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants!

French for Vegetarian: végétarien
French for Vegan: végétalien
It wasn’t long ago that it was only a juicy ‘entrecôte’ steak or ‘magret de canard’ that were thought to be the only partners to Bordeaux’s wines. Today a range of exclusively vegetarian restaurants have appeared and are very popular (booking is essential well in advance) to cater the changing Bordeaux clientele with its influx from Paris (the city of light is only 2 hours away now on the fast TGV train).
city bordeaux
“Here’s some quick feedback on some of the vegetarian dining we enjoyed in Bordeaux:
We had three memorable meals in the city of Bordeaux:
We had a delicious lunch at the restaurant right in our own hotel – Le Comptoir de Sèze – sharing a rich soup-like dish of pumpkin and chestnut with poached egg and another that contained a medley of perfectly roasted root and cruciferous vegetables with delightful herbal accents.  They have a small but excellent selection of wines by the glass (two we had were very enjoyable – 2014 Chateau Pipeau and 2014 Chateau Cabanieux Blanc). Also non-vegetarian.
We had a three course dinner menu at Racines that started with a delightful mini-diced potatoes amouse bouche, moved on to two contrasting dishes (one based on leeks, the other on lentils and root vegetables with contrasting fruity side-sauces), a dessert palate cleanser, and then a mango-based dessert, accompanied by an optional three-glass wine pairing.  Each dish was very artfully plated. Also non-vegetarian.


And we had a stand-out meal at the all-vegetarian Rest’O.  We chose their menu – which came out as about eight different small plates all served on one large platter.  Everything on the platter was amazing.  Also artfully displayed, but very varied in texture and flavor profile.  They have a very small selection of wines, but the one we had was excellent – a 2012 Bergerac from Chateau Vari.
The lunch at the Grand Barrail (St Emilion) was also excellent – although quite a bit pricier than the above three restaurants. We had delicious chestnut/egg soups with black truffles, a grains dish accompanied by small dollops of intense fruit,  and a beet risotto, followed by coffee and tea gourmands.  It was particularly enjoyable for us to have been able to select our dishes from a special, separate vegetarian menu booklet. (choice of non-vegetarian options too).
grand barrail resto
Other foods we enjoyed on this trip included cheese platters and omelets.  Other French options we just didn’t have the chance to try, but wanted to, were Raclette and vegetarian crepes, both of which are clearly on offer in Bordeaux.
All I’ve discussed so far focus on French fare and ignore other diverse vegetarian options such as Japanese (we had a delicious lunch at Cafe Japonais on rue Saint Simeon), Italian, Indian, and other ethnic cuisines that often have many vegetarian choices.”
Also in Bordeaux city centre all vegetarian;
Greedy – mon to fri lunch and dinner Fridays. Great food, small, fairly casual near pey berland.
Kitchen Garden – day time only (longer hours than just lunch however) I loved my experience here, quite modern and brilliant food, again casual they do great teas/smoothies. Very central.
 Tante Charlotte

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