Launch of SIP Piemonte Food & Wine Experience Tours

It has been 20 years this year since my family chose Piemonte as the base of our secondary family home. This little corner of Italy is a veritable food and wine paradise in the foothills of the Italian Alps with its vine covered hills, medieval hilltop villages and spectacular views. It is not surprising that it is here, some 30 years ago, that the Slow Food movement was born.


Over the years we have got to know a wide network of authentic wine producers and food maker artisans in the famous villages of Barbaresco and Barolo but some others not so famous (but just as good!). Also in the beautiful region around the hilltop vilage of Mombaruzzo, famous for its amaretti.

Our artisan ‘friends’ include the wonderful local goats cheese producer, the honey lady not to mention the gregarious Mario, the renowned local white truffle hunter (promoted to stardom since he truffled with Pippa, sister to Kate Middleton). Him and his long suffering wife Giovanna delight in preparing the local specialities (bagna cauda, focaccia, passito, plin..) and will share with you the secrets of their preparation.

My sister Gail, a true italophile, and totally fluent has lived for many years in Italy, will be your guide and will enable you to feel the real fabric of this region. She is passionate about the local culture, food and wine and you will be in safe hands during your voyage of discovery together, be it in search of the latest award winning Barbera wine, a special cheese maker or the best place for bagna cauda. 

portrait gailbio
Gail Barnett, italophile, foodophile, winophile!

Her professional background in photo journalism gives her the added edge to want to know more and deeper! These are some of the photos she took last harvest in Piemonte. She will make sure that you have a few photos to take home to remember your special experience.


One thought on “Launch of SIP Piemonte Food & Wine Experience Tours

  1. How wonderful, Nicolle! …and to think we were just chatting about that idea a year ago October…and now it is a reality. Ciao ciao! Sandy (Madeira Beach FL USA)

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