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Bordeaux is Back

As the Future’s Week approaches here is some of the background of the recent campaigns to help understand where we are today regarding buying futures 2016. There is no doubt that the vintage is a very good if not great one, but the climate has changed and consumers are preferring to buy ready to drink … Continue reading

2016; what makes a great Bordeaux vintage

As the futures week approaches in Bordeaux we cast our minds back to last year 2016, its climatic pattern and the deep red wine already in barrel about to be judged for the rest of its life. *very wet Spring which filled water tables to the brim *successful flowering period across the varieties although slow … Continue reading

Step by Step how to Taste Bordeaux wine

How best to taste Bordeaux Red Wine Every wine has a story and it is our different senses that narrate this step by step, revealing clues as we taste. The Wine’s Appearance We look at the colour of a red wine and compare it to precious stones like ruby or garnet. Its colour can give … Continue reading