Goats and Honey – Piemonte

Rocaverano – Robiola made naturally by Agnesi’s sister in the mountains 45 minutes from Mombaruzzo. Abandoned beautiful hills with pasture and forests, far away from everywhere. The delicate fresh flavoured Robiola is often served with mostarda (fruit marmalade) in Piemonte.

And honey, Monica our neighbour is a bee fanatic and has over 80 hives in the woods around la Casa Piccola (Apicoltura Scoviglio). Our favorite was the sweet chestnut honey and the dark, thick molassy Melata di boses! Even good on porridge. Also the natural antiseptic, antibiotic (anti everything, antifungal and anti-viral) Propolis that the bees use to clean the hive before the queen lays her eggs. The best natural antibiotic.


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