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Chapter 1: Porte Venere, Cinque Terre Northern Italy Wine Road Trip

Ok we wanted an Audi and ended up with a swellon Fiat 500 Large, more apt for our Northern Italy Wine Road Trip. Well it did not start out being a wine trip. No tripadvisor recommendations, little use of GPS. We would go where we felt at the moment and talk to people. No bookings, nowhere to get to at any time. Freedom in a Fiat.

Italy Aug 2016 049

Fiat 500 ‘Large’ parked outside la Casa Piccolo at Mombaruzzo.

Italy Aug 2016 112

From Milan airport no idea where we would head on August 5th the busy holiday season. First language misunderstanding asking for a map at Malpensa pointed in the direction of ‘cartolini’ of the pope!

Headed down the busy motorway  ‘de Sole’ and then took a right towards the Med coast La Spezia. Heading through hills and tunnels to arrive in the big port city, noticed little signs to Porte Venere. We winded our way around the Ligurian coast for a few kilometres until we ended up in the beautiful fishing port. We had arrived in Cinque Terre.

No car parking spaces all along the road. So we stopped outside the Grand Hotel de Porte Venere ( who had their own underground car park as the sun was setting. Special price for room for the night with free parking and breakfast on the terrace overlooking the bay. Irresistable.

Italy Aug 2016 140

Porte Venere, Cinque Terre

Porte Veniere we discovered had many things to offer including boat trips to visit the Cinque Terre Villages and Vermentino delicious wine (speciality is anchuga – anchovies).

Romantic night walks to see Byron’s cave and church. The village is located behind the tall buildings steep streets lead up to Churches and Castle.

Italy Aug 2016 125



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