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2016 Bordeaux looking good

The spring and early summer was cold and wet (filling the water table to the top!). The summer since mid July has been exceptionally hot and dry! The vines are parched that is for sure, particularly the younger ones whose roots don’t yet go down that deep. After a very wet Spring, (there has been no … Continue reading

Chapter 2: Destination Tuscany – North Italy Road Trip

Forget Lucca (nice walled city but not a lot of life) and head for Florence. Very busy and small, all of the historical sites are focussed around the Ponte Vecchio over the Arno pretty much. So it gets very congested with tourists. Stayed in a small basic hotel that did the job (Hotel Fiorino) five … Continue reading

Chapter 1: Porte Venere, Cinque Terre Northern Italy Wine Road Trip

Ok we wanted an Audi and ended up with a swellon Fiat 500 Large, more apt for our Northern Italy Wine Road Trip. Well it did not start out being a wine trip. No tripadvisor recommendations, little use of GPS. We would go where we felt at the moment and talk to people. No bookings, nowhere … Continue reading