The Unlevel Playing Field that is St Emilion today

I have just heard from the St Emilion Syndicate that the 2012 St Emilion wine classification has been validated by the tribunal despite many inconsistencies.

SIP WINE BLOG - Bordeaux plus

 A few personal thoughts from a independant bystander on the recent re-classification.


For me this photo of hands in soil sums up what wine is; the passing of a inate knowledge built up over time of a family from one generation to another.  The knowledge of a particular soil and how nature interacts in a particular vineyard to produce a quality fruit that is destined to become the best wine it can.

This photo is not taken in St Emilion but in Entre Deux Mers (Four generations of Vignoble Raymond, Bordeaux’s largest organic wine production). What has happened in the recent St Emilion classification saddens me and shows how far we have come from this.

Storm over St Emilio, Storm over St Emilion

It seems to now be all about power, money and politics. Terroir is a side thought. When I see the thousands of euro lavished on the new members of the A team with all its…

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