Delivery Direct from the Vineyards of Bordeaux

SIP WINE CLUB Small Independent Producers

Direct from them to you

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Here are four unknown wine discoveries that are totally SIP.

Made uniquely by passionate producers from their own small independent family properties.

Delivered direct to your doorstep cutting out any middle men.


Authentic wines with their own particular story, the true wines of Bordeaux that are becoming more difficult to find. You can spot the SIP (Small Independent Producers), by the soil on their shoes.

My passion is to find these ‘gems’ often located next door to more famous ‘terroir’ and through wine tourism and communication (see my blog) bring them DIRECT to the doorstep of passionate wine drinkers such as yourselves to enjoy. Santé!

Nicolle Croft  SIP Wine Blog : www.nicollecroftHYPERLINK

For more information on SIP Wine Club

  • Case A: Bordeaux SIP Sampler Case (12 bottles mixed wines – see below): 260€
  • Case B: St Emilion Grand Cru Case (12 bottles same wine  – see below): 220€
  • Each wine will be accompanied by detailed background, tasting notes and how best to serve the wine
  • Free delivery introductory offer with possibility to reorder
  • Payment in advance by Bank Transfer to english or french bank account, email me for further details


Case A: Bordeaux SIP SAMPLER CASE (12 bottles): 260€

Vintage Wine Appellation Colour Price bt € No of Bottles
2009 Château Saransot Dupré

A fullbodied wine with black fruits, spice and character

Listrac, Haut Medoc Red 21,00 € 3
2011 Château Béard La Chapelle

Soft, rounded and elegant this wine is made from old vine Merlot

St Emilion Grand Cru Red 23,00 3
2014 Château la Fleur de Pin

Rich and fruity, this dry white wine is well-balanced but fresh with exotic fruits.

Graves Dry White White 15,00 2
2007 Château Mayne Lalande a ripe mature wine of black fruits and a smooth structure, of mostly Cabernet Sauvignon Listrac, Haut Medoc Red 20,00 3
2011 Château Haut Bergeron mango and pineapple exotic fruits, fresh yet rich enough for Christmas pudding

Not a grand cru classé (nor the price) but next to some of the finest spots such as d’Yquem

Sauternes White Sweet 27,00 1




Case B: ST EMILION GRAND CRU CASE (12 bottles same wine special price): 220€ For more information on this property


2011 Château Béard La Chapelle

Fruity and elegant this wine is well-structured and blackcurrant aromas and rose flavours.

St Emilion Grand Cru Red 18,33 special offer price 12
Franck and Ethan



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