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Bordeaux 2015 – what can we say so far

  As the wines are being runoff their skins and starting the final step of turning into stable wine (malolactic fermentation is underway), we are beginning to see what 2015 has given us. The wine laden ‘marc’ of skins and pips is being shovelled out of the vats and pressed. Large piles of violet dried skins … Continue reading

How it began….Piemonte Tales

In 1997 just before starting to work for the Queen’s wine merchants Berry Bros in St James’ Street, London, I came to Piemonte with my sister and mother in search of our dream house. Today this region of Italy is part of my life and I spend as much time as possible in the foothills of the … Continue reading

Powerful Concentrated wines across the board in Bordeaux 2015

As Autumn sets in the Cabernets in the Medoc are finishing to be picked. The merlots on the limestone plateau of St Emilion at Beausejour Bécot only started this week and are some of the last to be picked in the region. Their Cabernet Francs will follow on. The conditions in 2015 have given an amazing … Continue reading