2015 Bordeaux Caribbean Summer, Indian one to follow?


Temperatures are set to hit 36°C today as everyone prepares for ‘la rentrée’. The summer has been long, dry and hot with a break a week ago  with some rain.

We are about two weeks in advance of a ‘normal’ year. The grapes are ripening with levels of sugar higher than normal at this point. Heavier bunches and skins are already thinner (this happens with ripening). This makes them more fragile and prone to rot. This thinning has happened earlier than usual within the month of August when the températures are still very high (in the 30s). Normally this stage would happen in the cooler month of September.


The pronouced storms for this week with wet and very warm conditions may well encourage rot particularly as the skins are fragile. It has started to rain as I finish writing….

The yields look good. So far the bunches are very healthy. There has been some limited  ‘green harvest’.

Last year for the 2014 vintage the sun began to shine at this point after a cool, cloudy summer but then shone in an outstanding Indian summer for two full months during September and October.

An Indian Summer to add to this Caribbean Summer so far could only do good and might make this an exceptional year. As long as it keeps dry.

White Harvest in the Graves starts tomorrow 31st August for Latour Martillac for example (Carbonnieux started last week with the visit of minister Macron).

Reds due to start in Pomerol for example on 21st September.

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