Weak Euro saves Bordeaux 2014 Primeur Campaign

As the vines’ leaves power into action (and the first spraying is underway), we are beginning to see the small clusters of flowers which will become the grapes of the 2015 vintage, the first trickle of prices are coming through for the 2014 Bordeaux campaign. photo (126)2014 is undoubtedly a much better vintage than everything since 2010 (said to be most similar to 2006 and better than 08 and 04). The prices releaased will not come down as such. It is predicted that most châteaux will go up between 5 to 10% (Beychevelle who brought prices down 10% last year for the 2013, has just released at 11% higher for 2014). However due to the weak euro and the strength of the US Dollar, the pound sterling and Hong Kong and Chinese currencies against it, a slight increase means that the final price could be below, or equal to 2013. For example 2014 Duhart Milon (Eric de Rothschild of Lafite) with the favorable exchange rate is down 17.5% on last year’s price. It looks as though the Primeur System in Bordeaux lives to see another campaign ‘but ‘it ain’t over till the fat lady sings….’ Most châteaux are expected to release in the next couple of weeks.

Wine-searcher.com reports yesterday (28th April);

Mouton Rothschild‘s release price is the same as it was in 2012 and slightly more expensive than 2013. British merchants are selling the wine at £2,300 and £2,400 (approx $3,500) per 12-bottle case, which, crucially, is level-pegging with the current market price of the 2013.

The wine “sold very well” on the day of release, Joss Fowler at London merchant Fine+Rare told Wine Searcher. “It’s cheaper than the 2013, and it’s better than the 2013, which is what we needed to get the excitement going – there’s now a real incentive to buy.”

It also puts further pressure in other châteaux to follow suite and offer reasonable pricing for the 2014 vintage.


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