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Where to best “chiner” to find Bric-a-Brac Bargains in Bordeaux

The French have a special word for bric-à-brac bargain-hunt – to “chiner”!

The key Streets in Bordeaux to find Antiques are:


  • in central town Rue Bouffard
  • whole area of the Chartrons Bordeaux’s trendiest area (around the Place du marché du chartron and Rue Notre Dame) near to the quai du chartron famous for its wine merchants and Sunday market
Passage St Michel, Place St Michel

Passage St Michel, Place St Michel

  • Otherwise more flea market in St Michel towards the Gare St Jean that has recently been renovated. Particularly the atmospheric Passage St Michel on many floors Worth the time to “chine”!!



Place Canteloup et Meynard 33000 Bordeaux

 Horaires :
Tous les jours, sauf les samedis et lundis, de 7h à 15h

Place Canteloup et Meynard 33000 Bordeaux

Horaires :

Tous les dimanches de 7h à 15h

Marché Grand déballage de brocante (St-Michel)

Place Canteloup et Meynard 33000 Bordeaux 

Horaires :

Tous les deuxièmes dimanches des mois de mars, juin, septembre et décembre de 6h à 18h
Last week november and first week december each year on the large open square of the Quinconces in central Bordeaux
 Also I once came across an amazing warehouse full of antiques and old stuff in Blaye (about an hour from Bordeaux on the Right bank and Worth a very pleasant drive through Bourg and up a small road along the Dordogne River). There is an amazing Citadelle at Blaye (and a good maison du vin – terrific whites too).  Beautiful Under-rated wine area.
Also in Chartrons Bordeaux
photo (117)

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