Bordeaux 2014 now over, Indian summer sunshine saved the vintage

Thank goodness for the sunshine that arrived end of August and saved the day. Despite some autumn conditions the late ripening Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon were mostly picked in dry conditions. In fact they seem to really like the Indian summer conditions and are looking really good this year. Cold nights through the entire summer has given some complex aromas for all varieties and with the sunny days kept any rot at bay.

Aromatic wines in 2014 Bordeaux

Both the Merlot and Cabernets have been incredibly healthy with no rot to be seen.

The white grapes (Sauvignon Blanc and then the Semillon – picked around mid September) have high levels of fruit, sweetness and acidity and were very healthy.

The sweet wine producers are still picking, they are on their 5th or 6th ‘trie’ having started around midut  September. They hope to finish next week. Volumes are low but there is good botrytis (noble rot).

Cabernet to wait its turn
Cabernet to wait its turn

The juice is busy fermenting. Yields are largest since 2009 so there are many smiles around. Nature decided to help out. There were very many worried producers at the end of August when grapes were not at all ripe and botrytis was on the verge of setting in in the wet and warm conditions. Unlike last year, Nature was on their side.

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