Bordeaux 2013

Bordeaux 2013: Cheapest vintage on the market, the only way to go

Making wine is not like making luxury handbags (LVMH would agree). Rather than notch up the production line, it is Mother Nature that rules. 2013 was a ‘challenging ‘ year for everyone in Bordeaux. 2013 was one of the most expensive vintages to produce, high costs of inputs and labour against tiny yields. Producing a Grand Cru Classé is not always about making money. The winners this year are those properties that are offering their 2013 at prices that make it the cheapest available on the market. This may not please their banks (many are owned by banks themselves) but show a willingness to truly reflect nature and enable perhaps a wider audience to enjoy these wines that have become so elite that only the world’s millionaires can enjoy them. It shows an understanding that is more longterm, and that is about building a brand.

This campaign is said to be one of the quickest release of prices in history. Why wait when the wines are for early drinking? Not many have got the price right though. Lynch Bages came right down (by 17% on the 2012) and has sold out, the 2013 being the cheapest available vintage on the market.

Here is a summary of the recent happenings in the world of primeur following the tastings last week and the prices released since offered by


March 2014 039

March 2014 027


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