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Get to know which are your favorite Grand Cru Classé Bordeaux – without breaking the bank

Originally posted on SIP Wine Blog – Bordeaux:
Yes very difficult these days but there is a way! Come to central Bordeaux on the 18th May, and you will have the chance to taste many grand cru classé wines including the excellent 2010 vintage and an older vintage of each of the 100 properties present.…

Bordeaux 2013: Cheapest vintage on the market, the only way to go

Making wine is not like making luxury handbags (LVMH would agree). Rather than notch up the production line, it is Mother Nature that rules. 2013 was a ‘challenging ‘ year for everyone in Bordeaux. 2013 was one of the most expensive vintages to produce, high costs of inputs and labour against tiny yields. Producing a … Continue reading

Bordeaux 2013 highlights the best terroir

After a morning of tasting the 2013 on the Right Bank my overriding impression is that this vintage is only good on the good terroir. It is also the vintage of Grand “famous architect’s” wineries – Angelus, Montrose and La Dominique! Here are some of my favorites (I seemed to prefer St Emilion over Pomerol … Continue reading