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Bordeaux Wine Tour: How to Keep your Kids happy

In Bordeaux there are two key wine regions; the Medoc (45 mins and another hour or so to the top of the route de chateau at Pauillac) and St Emilion (45 mins away). My advice with a young teenage in tow, would be to spend your first day in Bordeaux itself which is a beautiful city. There is a tour bus that can take you around. The Maison du Vin has a great wine bar that serves juice too. The Jardin public park is beautiful and has a nice café and lots of young people.
January Fronsac Italy 137

Your destination for the next day should be St Emilion which is an amazing medieval village full of life. There is a kid’s tour to follow through the different streets. Lunch outside of St Emilion at Atelier de Candale overlooking the vines. I would just do one visit, Château Beausejour Bécot which has underground cellars in tunnels under the vineyards. There is also a wonderful visit of the underground monuments of the village (with the biggest underground church in Europe dug out of the rock). It lasts one hour and is worth doing. It is great to have time to wander its streets. There are also come natural caves to discover near to Chateau de Ferrande at St Hippolyte.

caves ferrande
It is a wonderful region to drive around as it is undulating and there are some lovely views. (A second visit would be Chateau de Pressac near St Etienne which is beautiful and high up on a hill overlooking the valley).


The Medoc is further, full of 18th century châteaux to visit. But a bit flat! It does not have the history or character of St Emilion. You could technically do St Emilion on the afternoon of 29 and the Medoc on 30th, it just depends what you would like. I would recommend Chateau d’Arsac (have an interactive tour with ipads) and Chateau Pontet Canet which is organic and they have horses and you visit the vineyards in a golf cart!



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