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Bordeaux 2013 – whipping up a storm (in a teacup?)

Already there has been much talk about Bordeaux’s baby vintage. As the futures campaign approaches with the annual tastings in the first week of April, everyone is hoping that the vintage will not be judged a washout. It happens (particularly in oceanic Bordeaux) when the weather does not deliver. Is it really that bad or … Continue reading

Learn to Cook and Wine in Bordeaux

  Visit the region’s wonderful wine regions with your experienced food and wine guide and add a few cooking lessons to boot returning home ready to create your own food and wine adventures. Here are three places to take your cooking courses; One in central Bordeaux ( They have a two hour lesson each day … Continue reading

The Wine Region of Graves, time to be taken seriously

First published in the Gilbert & Gaillard magazine in 2013 ( Photos copyright Haut Bailly (except Dubourdieu) Graves, the birthplace of Bordeaux wines, is today overshadowed by Bordeaux’s more powerful wine regions  of the Médoc , Pomerol and St Emilion. This has been caused by a number of setbacks in its recent history, but there … Continue reading

The History of St Emilion

The first vineyards in Saint-Emilion… The Roman Conquest of Aquitaine began in the year 56 BC. The Romans first focused on the towns and villages, before turning their attention to clearing the forest of Cumbis, the local name for what is now Saint-Emilion. The first wine-producing grape vines were then planted in these freshly-conquered … Continue reading

‘Grandes Crues’ – Bordeaux a Wine Region Underwater

Bordeaux’s vineyards begin the year ‘underwater’ along with much of Europe. Both the banks of Bordeaux’s rivers, the Garonne (here at Langon south of Bordeaux) and the Dordogne, have failed to contain the swollen rivers. Both the quays in Libourne (Dorgogne) and Bordeaux (Garonne) were flooded this last week. The amount of rain each day, which continues … Continue reading