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SIP the true wines of Bordeaux: Château Cassagne Haut-Canon, Canon Fronsac

This is what Bordeaux is all about. A unique terroir, with multiple microclimates and a passionate, instinctive wine producer with strong clear ideas as to what constitutes a true wine; a reflection of its terroir, nature’s particular conditions that season and the human translation of these elements. Jean-Jacques Dubois is part of the  Bordeaux SIP community – that is Small Independent Producers. The wine … Continue reading

Autumn; a wonderful time to visit Bordeaux

With the harvest in the vats, the winemakers relieved and freer to receive visitors and most of the crowds gone it is an excellent time to visit Bordeaux and its vineyards. The autumn colours, the warm températures and the sunshine make it one of the most beautiful moments to visit. It is much easier to … Continue reading

The ‘running off’ of Bordeaux 2013 – the ‘écoulage’ of the region’s reds

It is the time for the baby wines (vin de goutte) of 2013 to be run off from the skins and pips after from 30 to 35 days from the beginning of the ‘encuvage’ at the time of harvest, any cold soak, fermentation and after, the post maceration fermentation. Then the wine either goes into barrel or … Continue reading

Rotten Luck: Sauterne’s Noble Rot explained

What is Noble Rot and how does it create such concentration and complexity of aromas? Botrytis cinerea or noble rot is a parasite that ‘digests’ the skin of the grapes. It enables the water to evaporate and for the sugar and the acidity in the grapes to become super-concentrated. In addition the grape reacts and … Continue reading

Bordeaux 2013: winemakers happy the harvest is over

The ‘cuvaison’ is over for 2013 and the wine is being pumped off the skins. Dubbed the hardest vintage in 30 years, despite the rush to harvest before the grapes and their skins were perfectly ripe, winemakers are happier with what is in their vats than they predicted. Due to the hot and wet conditions the … Continue reading