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The Top of the Graves; Wine Trophy 2013

On Monday 14 October I was part of the 15 members of the jury which included Miss GlouGlou, the famous French wine blogger (and for Le Monde), Alexandre Pesle of the popular Camera Café plus oenologists, cavistes and winemakers. I have a soft sport for Graves since their cru classés were severed from them leaving … Continue reading

Bordeaux 2013 – better than hoped

As the last of the grapes are harvested and many of the vats are completing fermentation, many producers are happy to say that the wine is better than they would have predicted. The wines are fruity, light and supple. The saving grace was the ten weeks of sunshine from start July. Rot; The trouble this … Continue reading

2013 Bordeaux Harvest – Nature enforced earlier than hoped

Everyone had their ideal date this year to harvest. For most it was 14th October. Nature had another idea in mind! Most started at least one week to ten days before their optimum. The actual start was Monday 30th September enforced by nature (some even the weekend before) to get as much of the Merlots in before the … Continue reading

Harvest, Harvest everywhere before the storms – 2013 Bordeaux

The must-have machine this year (and 2011 and 2012) is the tri-optic sorting machine. The only problem with such a problematic year as this one it removes all the berries that are not the right shape, size or colour ie too many as this includes most of them! The harvest started this week in a … Continue reading

Harvest time at Yquem – 2013 promises to be a good year for the Sweets

Harvest time at Yquem. 2013 promises to be a good year not like 2012 which they classified 100%. Grape bunches are coming in botrytised rather than just Berry by Berry. Sweet wine harvest started 26 September and will normally continue for some weeks normally round en October (depending on the weather). The grapes are picked … Continue reading