Bordeaux 2013

Seven days of Sunshine in Bordeaux saves 2013 from Catastrophe

Merlot grapes in the late summer sunshine in St Etienne de Lisse, St Emilion

Merlot grapes in the late summer sunshine in St Etienne de Lisse, St Emilion

Most of the white grapes have been harvested in Bordeaux, the rosé is under way and now we just keep our fingers crossed for the reds. Températures are perfect over 30°C during the day dropping to 12°C at night for the past week.

Early signs of botrytis can be seen particularly on vines that have not been thinned. Despite the small yields it has been necessay in some plots to remove superfluous bunches on certain vines particulalry those touching eachother. They say it is a year for Botrytis which is good news for the sweet wine producers to the South of Bordeaux but not so for the rest!

There is some spraying of organic anti-botrytis sprays and some like Pavie spraying a chalky powder. There is some Mildew on the tops of the foilage but not too much. It is important for the foilage to do its job right until the end this season. Being two weeks behind does not help.

There is still a long way to go – we hope! There is much preparation of material and cleaning of harvest trays that you can see drying in the sun.Pomerol is particularly busy as it is normally one of the first appellations off the starting blocks. Hopefully not before 4 October along with the gravelly soils of Figeac, St Emilion.

Then follows St Emilion on the pieds de côtes and sandy gravels on around the 10th October. Most of the Medoc and plateau St Emilion will be around mid October.

Fronsac grapes 2013 Harvest

Fronsac grapes 2013 Harvest

As there is much difference of ripeness of grapes within the same bunch this year (due to a drawn-out flowering) the ideal is to have the grapes most in advance harvested with sight over-ripeness when the  slower grapes are ripe. For this to be successful we need to have dry conditions. They forecase rain for the weekend…..lets hope the weathermen are wrong. It is perhaps the only thing we can count on in this tricky year.

St Emilion spire in the sunshine 24 September

St Emilion spire in the sunshine 24 September




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